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Travel Tanks


A slimline studio tank made by Le Rouge.


Product Description

Philippe pays close attention to details and the quality of his products.
All of his tanks are built from the same model. The clear stand folds flat against the tank for easy storage. The lid fits perfectly. The clips either side allow the foam lined lid to tighten enough to not leak.

In the large models the dipper is made of stainless steel to avoid bowing under the weight of the plates. Smaller models have a clear acrylic dipper.

The tank for fixing has a clear front pannel allowing you to see inside.

Tanks that are not in stock (eg. all the fixing tanks) will be shipped straight from LeRouge in France.


4×5″ (10x12cm) Travel Tank: Inner dimensions : H 14 cm, W 15 cm, D 2 cm. Countenance : 0.4 l +-

5×7″ (13x18cm) Travel Tank: Inner dimensions : H 18 cm, W 20 cm, D 2 cm. Countenance : 0.5 l +-

8×10″ (20x25cm) Travel Tank: Inner dimensions : H 25cm, W 27cm, D 2cm. Countenance : 1l +-

10×12″ (25x30cm) Travel Tank: Inner dimensions : H 30cm, W 32cm, D 2cm. Countenance : 2l +-

12×16″ (30x40cm) Travel Tank: Inner dimensions : H 35cm, W 43cm, D 2cm. Countenance : 2,5l +-  (This tank is never in stock at Photo 42)

Additional Information

Weight 5.5 kg
Tank Type

fixing, sensitising


4×5, 5×7, 8×10, 10×12, 12×16


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