Demonstrations can be organised in the place of your choice for the event of your choice. Please contact me with your specific request.
I will determine what the possibilities and prices are according to what you expect exactly.
Please note that any work outside of the studio require a lot of preparation and packing so planning ahead is mandatory.

Starting prices are 100€ for a demonstration with all the gear.
+35€ for anything further than 50km
For presentations that do not requiring all the gear I start at 50€
+35€ for anything further than 50km

For schools:
I understand that education is given very little budget and although I cannot work for free we would still welcome you contacting me with your project and perhaps we can come to an agreeable solution for both of us.


I work in close collaboration with Photographia. Please sign up to the Photographia newsletter to be kept up to date of demonstrations and workshops planned.

Photo 42 came into being on the 1st October 2014. I had thrown myself headlong into wet plate collodion several years earlier and wanted to help you plunge into the process with more ease than I had experienced. Wet plate collodion is an alternative process that allows for great creativity, a unique and often surprising result.

I offer different services around the process like workshops, introductory sessions, presentations and demonstrations. Please visit the site and discover a photographic universe different from all the others.

Photo 42 has received the official Belgian Artisan label. I also work in close relation with Photographia, a non profit organisation aimed at promoting photography and conserving its history.



Photo 42 is located in Tubize, Belgium and offers the following: 

If you’d like further information on learning the process know that all modules are given in either French or English.

Feel free to contact me, I am happy to answer any questions you might have